¡Hasta Luego, Pinocho! See you later, Pinocchio!

“He’s behind you!”  “Oh no, he isn´t” “boo” “aaah” and other enthusiastic interjections are still echoing in our ears as another successful pantomime has been created, rehearsed, performed on four occasions to four very appreciative audiences.

This year it was the turn of Pinocchio and the story proved a great success with children who shouted advice to Pinocchio as he allowed himself to be led astray by Stromboli, the lame Fox the blind Cat and just about anyone else who came on stage.  There were great performances from Jemima Cricket, the Blue Fairy, Geppetto among others and best of all were the dancers from local primary school Las Esperanzas who became puppet dancers and naughty children who turned into donkeys.

There will be more information to follow shortly about how much money has been raised and which charity it will be donated to. Thank you to all our faithful supporters and all of this year’s newcomers. See you in 2023!


3 thoughts on “¡Hasta Luego, Pinocho! See you later, Pinocchio!

  1. Good to read it was a success.We had hoped to come  ut my husband suffered a very serious stroke on Nov 6th so any plans we may have had are on the scrap heap, for now at least. Maybe next year…. All the best,Cath Duhig Sent from my Galaxy


      1. Thanks,  that sounds fab, something different to engage us as we strive for rehab .Every year I intend to come along and get involved, and every year something gets in the way.CathSent from my Galaxy


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